President Wilfred Young 1997-98

Youth Exchange Scholar Alice Nugent pictured with Wilfred Young, Brendan Conway, Michael Mullan, DG Alistair Laird and Ricky Butler in 1998 (from l:r).

Youth Exchange Scholar Alice Nugent pictured with Wilfred Young, Brendan Conway, Michael Mullan, DG Alistair Laird and Ricky Butler in 1998 (from l:r).

In 2001 a group, chaired by David Smyth, published a comprehensive history of the first 30 years of the activities of members of Cookstown Rotary Club with the publication of a history booklet, named "Thirty Years".

Thirty Years was the inspiration of then President Jimmy McCabe, the booklet was launched at the Club's Gala night on the 29 January, 2001. Past President Jimmy McCabe, Past District Governor (Ireland) Danny Fay and Cookstown District Council Chairman James McGarvey all contributed to the foreword.

The booklet detailed local meetings and consultations leading up the eventual chartering of the Cookstown Club in 1971, as well as comprehensive information on past membership and officers, in addition to its activities in raising charitable funds. 

It is interesting to note that four Rotarians who joined the Club on its formation in 1971 were still members in 2001; namely Mervyn Glover, Billy Kee, Ian Thompson and Rowland Cummings (with a break period). One club member, Alastair Laird, had the honour and distinction of serving as District Governor in 1998/1999. Mervyn Glover is still an active member (August 2017).

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The first club website was created by Michael Mullan in September 2000 during the presidency of Jimmy McCabe. This website was created using HTML software and because of the limited web space, only low resolution images were used. A working copy of this website will be available shortly.

Following Michael Mullan's departure from Rotary in 2005, most of the content was transferred to a commercial content management system maintained by Squarezone. A copy of this website that covers the period between 2005 and August 2017 can be accessed here.

A new website created using Joomla was created by Michael Mullan in August 2017 during the presidency of David Falkingham. 

Rotary was brought to Cookstown in 1971 when a local club was chartered on the 10th June of that year. The late Captain Nelson Rowntree from the Omagh club was mainly responsible for the creation of the Cookstown Club. Nelson Rowntree was then the Northern Area Extension Officer of District 1160 (Ireland) and was an honorary member of the club until his death in 2000.

Past Presidents of Cookstown Rotary Club

  • 2021-22 B Conway
  • 2020-21 B Conway
  • 2019-20 T Jebb
  • 2018-19 P Orr
  • 2017-18 R Butler and T McMinn- 30-11-2017 to 30-06-2018
  • 2017-18 D Falkingham- 1-7-2017 to 30-11-2017
  • 2016-17 C Thompson
  • 2015-16 P Creighton
  • 2014-15 D Richardson
  • 2013-14 B McGlaughlin
  • 2012-13 J Smyth*
  • 2011-12 I Thompson 
  • 2010-11 P Creighton