Northern Ireland has  a new emergency service the Air Ambulance-NI Ltd.


Breige Mulholland, Head of Operations and Finance, Air Ambulance-NI Ltd,  will discuss the emergency air ambulance service, its successes to date and the challenges facing the new service to  Cookstown Rotarians and guests on the 19th March.


Rotarians and guests should assemble in the Foyer of the Hotel at 6 PM next Tuesday for the presentation which will commence at  6.15 PM. After the presentation President Philip will present a cheque on behalf of the Club. Then, Jack Moore, representing a local church bowling club  will also make a presentation. Following the presentations there will photographs followed by refreshments.


Please let the secretary know ASAP if you can attend so that refreshments can be ordered.


Note there will be no luncheon meeting on Tuesday the 19th March.



South West College are running a breakfast meeting on the 19th November at 10.30 am at their Dungannon Campus to help with doing business in China. For more information please see .


President Philip Orr, Secretary Michael Mullan and Treasurer Jack Moore joined Area Ranger Sophie Atkinson and her volunteers at Springhill Moneymore on the 1st November to plant the crocus corms leftover from the planting event on World Polio Day 2018.

ident Philip receives his spade and corms from Becky

President Philip receives his spade and corms from Becky

After 30 years of bold action, historic achievements, and sometimes discouraging setbacks, Rotary and its partners in the Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI) have nearly brought polio to an end. 

This ground-breaking public-private partnership and its innovative strategies were celebrated Wednesday during Rotary’s 6th annual World Polio Day event, held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, at the Hundreds of people attended in person, including representatives of all five GPEI partners, and thousands more worldwide watched it live online.

Cookstown Rotarians visited Team Aspie at their Molesworth Street Headquarters on Tuesday the 23rd October.

Team Aspie is a group for teenagers with Asperger's syndrome. It provides a safe forum for young people to socialise, have fun, learn skills and to help spread awareness and acceptance of this autistic spectrum disorder. The group was founded by a young teenager, Richard Collins, in 2014 to fill a need for young people with Asperger's to come together and meet others like them.

We met three very enthusiastic members of Team Aspies' Management Committee, Tracy Collins, Lorraine Heatherington and Gail Watt Dunseath. The challenges of intelligent, often exceptionally gifted, young people with limited empathy for others was explained. The need for sympathy and understanding of the condition so that these young people can develop their potential was explained passionately. Young people with Asperger's if not supported, are particularly vulnerable to anxiety, depression, self harm and exclusion from school. However, with support many young people can go on to achieve well. Tracy provided an update on the successes of very well known people who have the condition. 

Today Cookstown Rotary Club is joining thousands of other Rotary clubs around the world in supporting World Polio Day 2018.

 Rotary members throughout Great Britain and Ireland are holding Purple4Polio events to raise awareness and donations for the Rotary campaign to End Polio Now and forever.

 In Mid Ulster the club working with the National Trust at Springhill in Moneymore, Cookstown Wildlife Trust and Mid Ulster Stroke Survivors Club will plant 5,000 purple crocus corms.

We have accepted an invitation to visit Team. Aspie on Tuesday the 23rd October at 6.45 pm.

They are located in Molesworth Street, Cookstown. This group provides support to families who have children with Asperger’s Syndrome. It will be an opportunity to learn about their work and to provide much needed encouragement and thanks to the staff who do all the hard work.

After the event we will travel to the Braeside for an evening meal at around 7.45 to 8 pm.


Spouses, partners and friends are encouraged to attend!


Please let the secretary know who intends to go so that we can let Team.Aspie know and make the booking with the Braeside.

Note. There will be no luncheon meeting at the Glenavon House Hotel on the 23rd October.

Sharon Loughrin has notified us that Midnight Run, a Tennessee Bluegrass Band will be playing at Lissan House this Thursday night (27th September)  at  8.30 PM. Tickets are £15,available from Lissan House (tel 02886763312) or pay at the door on the night.

The video below is of the band playing Kentucky Girl at Gatlinburg in the US.


The Club visited the National Trust property at Springhill, Moneymore on Tuesday the 28th August. Our guide was Area Ranger Sophie Atkinson.

Sophie explained her role at Springhill and the wide range of projects she and her team worked on. Sophie's energy, enthusiasm and dedication to Springhill were evident.

The importance of links with schools and the local community through nest fests, allotments, bird box projects, bat nights, trails for primary students were discussed. 

Overall some 20 Rotarians and guests attended the event. We were delighted to meet up with Mervyn Glover and John Smyth and discuss old times.

 Rotarians and guests Selection of Rotarians and guests at event at Springhill

Selection of audience at Springhill

 John Smyth and Mervyn Glover enjoyed the presentation.


Sophie Atkinson Area Ranger

Sophie Atkinson Area Ranger at NT Springhill

It was agreed at the luncheon meeting today that we would have a short break in meetings over the peak July summer period.


There will be no Rotary luncheon meetings at the Glenavon House Hotel on the 10th and 17th July. Meetings will resume on the 24th July.


Enjoy the summer weather!

Cookstown Rotary Club has a new President, Philip Orr.

Handover of chain of office to Philip Orr

Ricky Butler presents the Rotary Chain of Office to Philip Orr

Philip, a retired solicitor, is one of Cookstown's most experienced Rotarians and will be our 2018 to 2019 President. 

During the handover, presided over by Joint Presidents Ricky and Tony, Tony recognised Philip's professional and Rotary knowledge and wished him well and hoped that he would enjoy his year guiding the club.

Philip thanked Ricky and Tony for accepting their roles of joint presidents at short notice and recognised their determination and commitment to the Rotary ethos and their work in guiding the club through a challenging period.

Ricky Butler, Alistair Laird, John Smyth, Tony McMinn, Jimmy McCabe, Philip Orr, Jack Moore, Nigel Stratton, colin Thompson, Steve Wilson and Tom Jebb (L to R) pictured after the handover.

Ricky Butler, Alistair Laird, John Smyth, Tony McMinn, Jimmy McCabe, Philip Orr, Jack Moore, Nigel Stratton, Colin Thompson, Steve Wilson and Tom Jebb (L to R) pictured after the handover. 


Thanks to the Hub, Cookstown had another excellent Summer Carnival on the 29th June. The many floats demonstrating great business and community support for the carnival were well received by a large crowd of interested locals and visitors. The unseasonal weather, 26°C, contributed to a memorable evening.

Cookstown Rotary Club members helping at the carnival

Two of Cookstown's Rotarians helping to keep the large crowd safe!

Cookstown Rotary Club were delighted to provide stewards. Thanks to Steve Wilson of CFC for the high visibility vests.

The Rotary Ireland Tree Garden located within the Colebrooke Estate, situated just off the A4 Enniskillen to Belfast Road at Brookeborough, was opened on World Earth Day on the 22nd April, 2018.

This Rotary Garden will form part of an extensive wooded estate containing a wide variety of trees that have been well managed over many years.

The project will help all Clubs in Ireland address a goal set by Rotary International President Ian Riseley when he challenged every Rotary Club to make a difference by planting a tree for each of its members on World Earth Day 22 April 2018. 

To achieve this objective, the Rotary Club of Enniskillen has worked with interested parties to create the Rotary Ireland Tree Garden in Fermanagh.

Balcas (NI) will oversee the planting and cover the cost of providing an interpretative panel and ceremonial tree in an appropriate location visible from the public road that will tell the story of all partners and list the names of all participating Clubs.

The names of all participating Clubs are included on the signage on the site.
The names of all participating Clubs are included on the signage on the site.


Names of supporting Rotary Clubs

The project was supported by the above named Rotary Clubs.

Superstars is a charity whose purpose is to provide life enhancing opportunities for people with learning disabilities which are not available elsewhere. Based in Cookstown, membership comes from throughout the whole of Mid-Ulster.

Details of the work of the charity are given on their website.

A proposal from the charity for funding for a "Multi Sports for Multi Abilities project" has reached the final 5 of the Big Lottery People’s Projects. This is a project deserving of support and you can vote On Line by clicking the link below: 

  A vote from you could make a big difference to these young people

Tom Jebb has been organising annual football competitions with two local schools, Sperrinview Special School in Dungannon and Kilronan School near Magherafelt for many years.

Both schools fielded Junior and Senior teams and the competition and fun was a delight to behold.

This year the competition was held on the 11th April and ably refereed by Brian McKenna. Tom was assisted by Rotarians Michael Mullan and Sandra McKenna.

Sandra and Tom pictured with the teams from Sperrinview Special School

Sandra and Tom pictured with the teams from Sperrinview Special School  

Pupils from Kilronan School ready for action

Pupils from Kilronan School ready for action

The competition between both schools was intense. The outcome reflected the close competition. Kilronan School won the senior and Sperrinview won the junior competition. The runners up were presented with silver medals and the winners with gold medals and a prestigious cup.

After the competition both teams had lunch in the restaurant at the Leisure Centre.

Tom Jebb wishes to thank the teachers that accompanied the pupils and the staff of Cookstown Leisure Centre for their help in making this occasion fun and memorable for all.

Among the diverse aims of Rotary is to support the local community, and to improve the personal development and skills of individuals. These skills and qualities are often badly needed by industry, which requires innovative employees.

Considering the importance of the engineering industry in the Mid-Ulster area, the members of Dungannon and Cookstown Rotary Clubs held a Technology Tournament in South West College in Dungannon on the 8th March 2018.

The event was attended by eleven teams from Secondary schools from the Dungannon area.  The teams had to tackle a task, about which they, and their teachers, know nothing about until the day.  They were required to design, develop, build and then test a specified model from the very limited resources supplied, such as strip wood, dowel, paper clips, tape, wire, cardboard, glue, elastic bands and so on.  The results were judged by a panel consisting of an Engineer from AES Global, Shirley Patterson, STEM Centre Co-ordinator and a judge from Sentius.

This year the task required the teams to design, construct and test a launching device, complete with a remotely operated trigger mechanism.  This should enable the capsule to rise vertically above 3m. In addition, the capsule needed to carry a parachute that opened to allow descent as close as possible to the point of lift off. 

Dean Maguirc College winners of Rotary Technology Tournament

Dean Maguirc College students pictured receiving their award.

The tournament was a challenge, but an enjoyable and rewarding experience for those taking part. An interesting and fun day out was guaranteed for all students, which also tested their knowledge, ingenuity, innovation, application, manual skills and their ability to work in a team.  This year’s winners were from Dean Maguirc College.

The day was possible thanks to sponsorship from a number of sources including  South West College, Sentinus, and Quinn Fresh as well as the involvement of schools and their students, and the Rotarians who took part in the running of the event.

You can get an idea of the 'buzz' at the competition from the video below!


Past District Governor Alistair Laird has organised a quiz at Killymoon Golf Club this Friday, the 23th March at 8.30 PM. The proceeds of the quiz will be donated to Newry Hospice and CHARIS. Please bring a friend and support the work of both organisations.

Stroke can have a lasting effect on some survivors and their families.

Past District Governor Alistair Laird has arranged a Charity Breakfast in aid of the Mid Ulster Stroke Survivors Club on Friday April 13 2018 from 7 am – 11am at Killymoon Golf Club.

The cost is £10 per person and all the proceeds are going to the charity.

Past District Governor Alistair Laird has organised a quiz at Killymoon Golf Club this Friday, the 26th January at 8.30 PM. The proceeds of the quiz will be donated to Newry Hospice and CHARIS. Please bring a friend and support the work of both organisations.

Rotary is often considered as an organisation for older people? But is this fair and is it true?


So you know what Rotary does! Think again!


A pre-Christmas quiz at Killymoon Golf Club on Friday the 15th December at 8.30 PM has been organised to support Newry Hospice & CHARIS.

In keeping with the season liberal supplies of mince pies and mulled wine will be available. Rotarians and friends are encouraged to attend.

The Annual Rotary Christmas Lunch has been arranged for Tuesday the 19th December at 1 PM at the Glenavon.

 Spouses, partners, and friends are welcome. 

 The cost is £10 per person. We will say more about payment next week.

 We do need to let the hotel know how many will be attending.

Please let the secretary know ASAP if you intend to go and how many guests you are bringing.


The material below has been provided by Seamus Walsh, Rotary Club of Dungannon.

During the last 2 years, Rotary in Ireland has rolled up their sleeves and renovated the Parents' Accommodation Unit at the Crumlin Childrens Hospital. Its given the Parents of some very sick children not just a place where they can rest their head but a comfortable refuge from the worries and concerns that go with the caring of an ill child. Its a project that instill's pride in all Rotarians and a story that more need to see so that they are more aware of our work and maybe just maybe want to help.

Cookstown Rotarians note the death of Past President Bertie Miller.  Bertie was the club president in 1980-1981 and is fondly remembered by all.

We pass on our sympathy to his son Andrew and daughter Margaret and grand children Karuna, Rebecca, Ben and John. 

Roger Barrett attended lunch with the Rotary Club of Vancouver, Canada yesterday (3rd October) and was delighted to convey the best wishes of Cookstown Rotarians.

Roger Barrett meets President Vancouver Rotary Club

Roger Barrett exchaning Club banners with Phil Webb

Roger was warmly welcomed by Plil Webb, President. One of the many Rotarians Roger met was Tom Crean, great grand-nephew of the original Tom Crean (of Scott / Shackleton / Antarctic fame).


Roger pictured with Vancouver Rotarians

Roger pictured with President Plil Webb and Tom Crean the great grand-nephew of  Tom Crean of Scott / Shackleton / Antarctic fame.

Last year Cookstown Swimming Club lost a young member, David, to suicide. To create a sense of self-awareness, self-importance, confidence, passion and drive in our children the swimming club has arranged  a sponsored firewalk on the 29th September to publicise suicide prevention and to aid the work of the Niamh Louise Foundation.The act of walking on fire shows that you really can overcome your fears. A free BBQ, fun activities and entertainment are included in the ticket prices of £10 per Adult and £3 per child.

Firewalk challenge to fight  sucide
For more information see Cookstown Swimming Club's Facebook Page.

Congratulations to Past President John Smyth who was the recipient of a Paul Harris Award at Club Assembly on Tuesday the 20th  June 2017. 

Alastair Laird invites founding member Mervyn Glover to present Paul Harris Award.

Alastair Laird invites founding member Mervyn Glover to present Paul Harris Award.

Teams of students from across Northern Ireland were given the task of coming up with a way to save the Earth from a radioactive meteorite on target to hit the planet.

This was the task set to students who competed in the Rotary International Technology competition at the Big Bang Event at Ulster University tournament on Monday the 12th June, 2017.

Cookstown Rotary Club's business breakfast programme resumed again on the 2nd June at Bluebells Restaurant near Loughry College. The breakfast featured an interview with Norman Wilson (CFC Interiors Ltd) conducted by Rotarian and My Cookstown Director, Alan Hogshaw. 

Carol Laird lost her long battle with cancer at 5.20 pm on the 12th May. Carol's many contributions to civic society in Cookstown and further afield and her contributions to Cookstown Rotary Club resulted in her achieving the prestigious Paul Harris Award from Rotary. President Colin and club members wish to express their sorrow and support for Past District Governor Alastair and his family at this difficult time. 

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