Teams of students from across Northern Ireland were given the task of coming up with a way to save the Earth from a radioactive meteorite on target to hit the planet.

This was the task set to students who competed in the Rotary International Technology competition at the Big Bang Event at Ulster University tournament on Monday the 12th June, 2017.



Selection of pupils competing in STEM challenge.

Selection of pupils competing in STEM challenge.

Rotarian Nicola Quinn's colleagues from South West College's STEM team provided the support for Cookstown Rotary Club.

Local school, St. Ciaran's College Ballygawley- Winner of Dungannon & Cookstown Rotary Technology- was represented and were commended by the judges.

Congratulations to Ballymena Academy who were the clear winners.

Judges were busy throughout the day

Judges were busy throughout the day!

Seamus Walsh, the Rotary Ireland Technology Tournament Co-Ordinator and avid supporter of the development of young people and the STEM subjects. He said: “This has been a hugely exciting event for Rotary and we are delighted that Rotary Ireland’s Technology Tournament has featured as one of the key competitions at the Big Bang Event.

” I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Ballymena Academy and all of the other schools who took part in this fantastic event.

“Northern Ireland has a lot of very talented young people and one of our many objectives is to further support the development of STEM subjects amongst the young people of Northern Ireland.

“This event is a great way of doing that as the enthusiasm, competitiveness and of course camaraderie has been evident throughout the entire day.

Seamus concluded: “We hope that by supporting and nurturing these much-needed skills that these individuals will progress better in life and also ultimately benefit industry by having innovative employees.

Each team was assessed by a small panel of Rotarians and industrialists with backgrounds in engineering, technology, enterprise and education.