The Club visited the National Trust property at Springhill, Moneymore on Tuesday the 28th August. Our guide was Area Ranger Sophie Atkinson.

Sophie explained her role at Springhill and the wide range of projects she and her team worked on. Sophie's energy, enthusiasm and dedication to Springhill were evident.

The importance of links with schools and the local community through nest fests, allotments, bird box projects, bat nights, trails for primary students were discussed. 

Overall some 20 Rotarians and guests attended the event. We were delighted to meet up with Mervyn Glover and John Smyth and discuss old times.

 Rotarians and guests Selection of Rotarians and guests at event at Springhill

Selection of audience at Springhill

 John Smyth and Mervyn Glover enjoyed the presentation.


Sophie Atkinson Area Ranger

Sophie Atkinson Area Ranger at NT Springhill